► Reality Transurfing 3 Forward To The Past by Vadim Zeland

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Reality Transurfing 3 – Forward to the Past by Vadim Zeland

This third volume, of three, covers your place in space and time. You can move backwards and forwards in both. It comes down to making a transaction. You don’t need to push the world in your ambition to achieve your goals. You will see that the world is going towards you with open arms.
Fantasy and magic sometimes bewitch us with their mystical
secrets. But it is nothing, compared to those magnificent
feelings of amazement and delight, which you will experience
when your apparently unachievable dreams start to come
true. Only, for this, a little time is needed, while you’ll want
to get confirmation of everything you’ve read about here
immediately. And you will get it. You yourself will create magic
and you’ll see it with your own eyes. When the unbelievable
turns into reality right before your very eyes, it will look
stunning. This is already not fantasy, but reality, which is
much more amazing than any mysticism.

Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland
read by Bootsy Greenwood (special thanks)
Music by Reality Transurfing Theme
© Vadim Zeland
© Publishing group “VES”
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