#003: Tryptamine Hallucinogens & Consciousness (Esalen, December 1982) ~ Terence McKenna


Terence McKenna
Tryptamine Hallucinogens & Consciousness (December 1982)
Dolphin Tapes, Berkeley CA; Big Sur CA
ISBN: 0-937727-04-0
Presented: Esalen Institute, Big Sur CA

#003 The Paul Herbert Collection

The third tape of Terence McKenna from the Paul Herbert Collection. These will be uploaded here in chronological order as they are aired on The Psychedelic Salon Podcast. These recordings have been digitized from Paul’s original cassettes by Lorenzo Hagerty, some are already featured on this channel and may differ in length and quality, these being professional recordings.

Where possible images of the original cassette will be featured with these uploads and all videos will be in a new playlist, The Paul Herbert Collection.

The Psychedelic Salon Podcast

Terence quotes:

“The search for a radio signal from an extraterrestrial source is probably as culture-bound an assumption as to search the galaxy for a good Italian restaurant.”

“It is no great accomplishment to hear a voice in the head. The accomplishment is to make sure it is telling you the truth.”

“The demons are of many kinds. Some are made of ions, some of mind. The ones of ketamine, you’ll find, stutter often and are blind.”

“There is no dignity in the universe unless you meet these things [psychedelics] on your feet. And that means that you have an I/thou relationship, and you say … ‘you’re long on talk, but what can you show me?”
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