A Deep Dive Into The Mind Of McKenna

Some of what is said in this podcast has since been proven to be wrong.

Terence McKenna Speaks…Interview by Jon Hanna and Sylvia Thyssen
at the 1999 AllChemical Arts Conference, Kona Coast, Hawaii

Jon: Have you cut back dramatically on any type of drug use?

Terence: At first I cut back on Cannabis, because it seemed to trigger the seizures. But then I easily got that corrected. Now I’m smoking as much dope as I ever did. I haven’t been taking ayahuasca, because the vomiting reflex is too scary in terms of the brain seizure reflex. They’re really closely related. So I’ve been taking psilocybin. We happen to have some actual pure psilocybin, not mushrooms. And it’s great. So I guess the answer is no. I want to probe into it, I want to understand it. I mean obviously, death is a very big deal.


This program is a recording of part of a live event at the Esalen Institute near Big Sur, California. The workshop, titled “Terence McKenna: Beyond 2012”, was led by Bruce Damer and Lorenzo Hagerty. This specific recording took place on Saturday morning, June 16th and consists of Bruce’s “deep dive” into the mind of McKenna. It begins with Bruce’s “Ode to Terence” and is followed by Bruce’s readings of parts of the soon-to-be published book by Terence’s brother, Dennis . . . the book’s title: “Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss”.

Lorenzo Hagerty

Bruce Damer

Dennis McKenna
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