AllChemical Arts Conference (Terence McKenna) [FULL]


Posthumous Glory: AllChemical Arts Conference

Selections from Terence McKenna’s last two presentations at the AllChemical Arts Conference held on the big island of Hawaii in September 1999, just seven months before his untimely death. Among other little gems you will hear in these talks are how Terence was dealing with his final illness and a farewell thank you to the psychedelic community. Also included is part of a panel discussion that Terence and Tom Robbins held in which they discussed psychedelic literature. “I think disease is (and I don’t want to be held to this entirely, but) largely more linguistic than people think.” “The story you tell yourself is largely the story you’re living.” “Nothing is unannounced. This is a psychedelic truth, I think, of some power. And it relates to disease, and it relates to shamanism. Nothing is unannounced. If you’re paying attention, stuff comes down the pike, first the little waves, then the medium-sized wave, and then the tsunami. But you have to be really not paying attention to be fully astonished by something unexpected.” “Connectivity is the pre-condition for love.” “My view of, let’s say, the last thousand years, is that it’s been pretty progressive. And, yes, we probably killed more people in the 20th century than in the 10th, but there was more regret about it, more soul-searching afterwards, more questioning ‘Why? Why did we do that?’ ” “People are not invited to live simple agrarian lives in devotion to their children and their estate. But instead they’re invited to fetishize, consume, believe, join, vote, buy, own, invest. And all of these things bleed energy away, and disempower, and make people not fully human, but rather participating cogs in some much larger mechanism which serves its own ends: The accumulation of capital investment, or the acquisition of land, or the propagation of the agenda of some political party, or something like that. Our human-ness is constantly being eroded.” “The image I have of our community is, we’re like people in a dugout canoe trying to turn a battleship.” “Sex on psychedelics is the Mount Everest of the experience.” “If psychedelics don’t secure a moral community, then I don’t see what the point of it is. Otherwise we’re just another cult.” “It’s good to dry out occasionally. Very occasionally.”

Art: Max Ernst, ‘La Joie de vivre’ (The Joy of Life) 1936
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