Being Yourself (Reality Transurfing Clarification)

Many people have misconceptions about reality transurfing/changing your self image and try to use it as an escape. They don’t like who they are, they hide their “week” sides and wish to be someone else.

I’ll have to disappoint you: you can’t escape from yourself and you can’t be like that guy/that girl. You’re you.

Your soul came to this Earth exactly at this time and exactly in your form for a reason. It’s not accident. You need to stop escaping and stop trying to be different. Accept yourself fully and explore yourself.

Who are you? No, really, who are you? What are your inclinations? What makes your soul sing? You need to figure it out and then do it.

Only after you have this clarity can you use reality transurfing in a powerful way and shift to a reality which allows you to be yourself even more. That is suitable for you.

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