Conditioning And Reinventing Yourself

We are all being conditioned from the day we’re born up until the day we die. When you realise this, you’re opening up a lot of possibilities for yourself. Just the fact of being aware that conditioning even exists, is powerful already.

Once you are aware of this you can beging to remember what caused your conditioning. Your negative beliefs, fears, anxiety… You weren’t born with those. They’re not inherently present within you. It is something you were conditioned to experience. And you can remember where it all started.

It is also possible to let go of the old conditioning and to recondition, reinvent yourself. Like I have said, conditioning goes on from birth to death. Each day. It happens to you and you do it to other people as well. Without even realising.

So you can reinvent yourself and influence others in a better way as a result. How? By being aware of what you allow in your life and most importantly – how you feel about those things that you do allow.

This is what today’s video is all about. Hope you enjoy it, share your thoughts in the comments and subscribe for more!

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