Guided Meditation The Enchanted Forest

This is a powerful meditation I take you to a magical enchanted forest. This will allow you to relax and connect to the source of all that is.

The idea of an enchanted forest is one of the oldest in storytelling. This wild space represents the shortcomings of man’s power, a place where anything can happen. Take the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, where the heroes travel to the Cedar Forest to fight monsters, or Tolkien’s Mirkwood, derived from Norse mythology, considered so magical even the gods were wary of entering it.

We’re still inundated by enchanted forests. From our enduring fairy tales like Snow White to modern sagas like Harry Potter, the forest has become an essential stop on the hero’s journey, a place of danger and possibility and adventure. In these forests, characters don’t only lose their literal way, but often their metaphoric one as well. The trees bring out our primal side; Dante’s journey to hell begins in a shadowy forest, and after getting lost in the woods, the Emperor Jones is driven insane by his own memories.

Robert B Stone in his book How to Gain Strength from Nature Sitting in Your Living Room: Tapping Natural Sources of Energy Wherever You Are states:

Have you ever relaxed from stress by taking a walk in the park? Have you ever been invigorated by a swim in the lake or ocean? Have you ever been inspired by mountain vistas? Well, then you know some of the powers that nature has to contribute to your wellbeing. What most people don’t know is that they can derive these benefits from nature without budging from the concrete city.

These benefits can be not only stress relief, vigor and inspiration, which are aids respectively to mind, body and spirit, but they can run the gamut of holistic therapies.

Medicinal therapies for what ails the mind, body and spirit can be a chemical shock and can have unwanted after effects called counter-indications. Nature’s therapies obtained directly can have counter-indications, too. You can fall off a cliff; you can twist your ankle hiking; you can drown in the sea; you can encounter a lightning storm; you can acquire a poison rash; you can be hit by a landslide; you can be bitten by insects or wild animals.

But nature’s therapies can be obtained indirectly, too, and therefore not only free of risk, but free of the expenditures of travel costs, time and some of the discomforts associated with leaving your residence. Plus, there are no unwanted after effects. …

This is not a Thoreau or a Rachel Carson approach to nature. In fact, it is an approach that has only been made possible in the past decade. It gives the reader ways to take one or two minutes to acquire the invigoration and therapeutic effects that only closeness to nature can provide, and to do so in the comfort of an urban living room.

What makes this possible now are several scientific advances. These include a fuller understanding of the relaxation response; of the morphogenetic field put forth by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake echoing Karl Jung’s collective unconscious; and of the special attributes of the right hemisphere of the human brain.”

Join me as I take you to the enchanted forest where anything is possible.

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