Hazelwood Trialogue Part 5 ~ Angels, Entities And The Heavens


Hazelwood Trialogue: Part 5 ~ Angels, Entities And The Heavens

Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph Abraham

Disincarnate entities and their messages. Their concern with the development of language. Angels as the guardians and intelligences of the natural world. Recovering a sense of the life of the universe. Recovering the link between heaven as a state of being and the actual sky. The Islamic conception of paradise. Heaven as a world without physics. Eternity and the DMT state. The need to resacralize the sky. The Merkaba mystics. The Polynesian notion of heaven. The physical collapse of the universe. Could there be negative entities located in the heavens? Black holes, quasars and galactic centres. The redemption of the world soul through the physical healing of the earth. A ritual invocation of the world soul. The soul can be conceived of in terms of fields. The noosphere. Field models for the world soul.

The Fifth in a series of 5 parts, I’ve posted this trialogue before (www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9_d1OSV9Zo) but this version is taken from a different source (www.sheldrake.org/) and adds an extra 45mins to the total running time. These are presented as they were found on Rupert’s site and taken from the 32kps mp3 files there. If you are precious about sound quality, this is probably not for you.

Art: Austin Osman Spare ~ Experiments in Relativity (1933, pencil and watercolour)

Alan Moore on Austin Osman Spare:
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