How To Achieve Impossible Goals (Law Of Attraction/Reality Transurfing)

Sometimes the goals we have are so large and seemingly impossible, we get discouraged and paralysed when pursuing them. In this video I’m sharing with you a simple strategy that can help you achieve anything, even when it seems impossible. Full transcript below…

hello everyone! welcome back to another video, my name is Pola, thank you very much for joining me today. this time I would like to talk to you about achieving your goals with the law of attraction, and this was inspired by a question that I saw on reddit, this person was saying that their goal is very large, their goal is very far away and they have no idea how to achieve it, they were asking how can they use the law of attraction, they don’t even know what to visualize because, you know, the goal is so far away, they have no idea. so this is a very good question I think, and I think a lot of people struggle with this… because some of us have really major, major goals, and I’m gonna show you using one example of how you can do this.

let’s say you are living in a very small city. in a village maybe, and you don’t have the most supportive family, you don’t have the most supportive friends, but you have this passion within you… to act, to be an actor and to go maybe to Hollywood and to be a great actor. this is what you want. if you sit there in this village, in this house, with no money, no friends, no support whatsoever… you sit there and you visualize yourself acting in the Hollywood movie… it’s not going to do much for you, because this Hollywood movie is so far away, you have no connections, you don’t have any knowledge on how to act,, it’s not going to help you.

what you need to do instead is you need to break this big goal into steps. break it into steps, what would lead you possibly to Hollywood, to becoming a great actor? well possibly you would need to have a producer, possibly you would need to have a manager. what would make some you attractive for a manager? what? maybe you are successful at a local theater. maybe you are successful at a theater somewhere in a bigger city, not in your village, but in a bigger city nearby your village. then if you are a good actor there, people will notice you and they will offer you other things. so we need to break it down.

so the first thing for this person in this village would be to find acting courses maybe online, maybe in that same village where they live. find some acting courses and really become good, and then after the acting courses, they will start acting maybe in the local theatre, and then maybe they’ll move to a bigger city and then eventually they will move to Hollywood. this would be better I think than just sitting there without any money, without any support and visualizing this grand goal.

this could be used for anything, so whenever you have a really big goal… don’t focus on that. keep it in mind of course. keep it in mind, and keep it in mind every day. every night. but when you’re visualizing… for instance, if you’re using visualization… when you’re dreaming, when you’re daydreaming, whatever you do, when you’re meditating, don’t just focus on that. focus on the smaller steps, break it into smaller steps, and do your visualization. I would recommend you to visualize you doing something… something smaller. for instance you go into an acting course at the local theater, this is a little bit smaller, and this is more visualize yourself making something smaller, and then as you progress you can also go up this ladder, and eventually you will be visualizing yourself acting in a major movie in Hollywood, just using this example.

so don’t be paralyzed by this, if you just focus on the grand goal it can be very paralyzing, and it can be very discouraging, because it seems that it’s so far away, you will never reach it, you will never get there, but by breaking it down into smaller steps, you’re making it a lot easier and a lot more fun for you.

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