Introduction To The Valley Of Novelty Workshop (Terence McKenna)



A talk given over a weekend in summer 1998. Where questions from the audience are inaudible, they have been cut out leaving a pause before Terence answers.

Originally aired and thanks to The Psychedelic Salon Podcast:

“I have a skeptical and cranky side, and I’m forever puzzled why people believe the, seeming to me, dumb things that they choose to believe.”

“Actually, these things [psychedelics] reveal scenarios, modalities hierophanies of emotional and poetic power that are very emotionally moving, and sometimes leave in their wake powerful ideas, ideas as powerful as any of the ideas that have moved and shaped civilization.”

“History, call it 15,000 or 25,000 years of duration, is the story of an animal, some kind of complex animal, becoming conscious.”

“Ecstasy is not simply joy. Ecstasy is an emotion of great complexity that hovers almost on the edge of terror sometimes.”

Art: Garden Of Earthly Delights (detail) ~ Hieronymus Bosch

The 8 hour Workshop can be listened to here:
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