Observing Your Own Mind. Why? How?

Observing your mind, observing your life is very important. When you don’t observe and have little self awareness… You act upon your thoughts, are an active participant of life… You miss out on a lot of the more profound things and get lost sometimes, wasting time, being mindless and consumed.

Did you ever notice yourself going to an event just because that’s what everyone else is doing? Or getting home from work and not remembering anything about the commute? The color of the sky, the song that was playing on the radio. You don’t really know why you do what you do, it’s like you’re asleep.

It’s important to realise that your role in life, whoever you are, is just that – a role, a character, an act. It’s not who you are really. It’s not all there is.

Learning to observe your mind and your life will improve you as a person, you’ll be able to help others better, resolve conflicts faster and you will probably also habe a lot of profound realisations and insights about yourself and even the nature of reality. You wake up.

In this video I’m sharing ways to increase self awareness and practical tips to implement observstion in your day to day life and also explain better, why it all mattes in the first place.

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