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ON DUTIES (DE OFFICIIS) by CICERO – FULL AudioBook | GreatestAudioBooks – On Duties (Latin: DE OFFICIIS), written by Marcus Tullius CICERO (106 – 43 BCE), translated by Walter MILLER (1864 – 1949), discusses the conflicts between virtue and expediency. It should be noted that early Christian leaders including St. Ambrose, St. Jerome, and other Doctors of the Roman Catholic Church considered “De Officiis” (aka “On Duties”) to be legitimate and acceptable for study. It is purported to be the second book after the Bible to be printed on Gutenberg’s press and has been a standard text taught at world renown Eton College in England. Written by Marcus Tullius Cicero (a leading thinker in the Stoic philosophy (Stoicism) over 2000 years ago, it continues to be considered a literary and philosophical masterwork.(Summary adapted/altered by GreatestAudioBooks from a summary by Geoffrey Edwards).


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Chapter listing and length:

01 Book I Sections I-XIII (Text 3) – 00:42:39

02 Book I Sections XIV-XXVI (Text 47) – 00:46:12

03 Book I Sections XXVII-XXXIV (Text 95) – 00:32:00

04 Book I Sections XXXV-XLV (Text 129) – 00:35:47

05 Book II Sections I-VIII (Text 169) – 00:30:17

06 Book II Sections IX-XVII (Text 199) – 00:34:23

07 Book II Sections XVIII-XXV (Text 233) – 00:31:28

08 Book III Sections I-VII (Text 271) – 00:30:33

09 Book III Sections VIII-XV (Text 303) – 00:32:04

10 Book III Sections XVI-XXIII (Text 335) – 00:32:51

11 Book III Sections XXIV-XXXIII (Text 369) – 00:32:26

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