One Of The Most Important Principles Of Reality Transurfing (Mirror/Boomerang)

One of the most important things to understand in life in general is that your world is a mirror. It reflects what you already have within you. Whatever you give to the world, will be reflected back onto you.

If you focus on negativity, you’ll bring in more negativity into your life. If you focus on fault finding, on everything that is going wrong, you’ll see more and more faults and more and more things will indeed go wrong for you.

It works for your world in general and it also works for people. What do you want from people? Instead of getting something from them, try to give them whatever you’re hoping to get.

If you want love, it has to come from you first. If you want understanding, you have to understand first. If you want compassion, be compassionate first. Whatever you give, you will receive. One way or another.

Seeing life in this way and giving before getting, focusing on what you do want to have in life, will begin to change everything up for you really quickly. I hope you will try it 🙂

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