Orison Swett Marden Something Touched Them

The most valuable thing which ever comes into a life is that experience, that book, that sermon, that person, that incident, that emergency, that accident, that catastrophe—that something which touches the springs of a man’s inner nature and flings open the doors of his great within, revealing its. hidden resources.

There is in every normal human being a sleeping lion. It is just a question of arousing it, just a question of something happening that will awaken us, stir the depths of our being, and arouse the sleeping power within us.

The larger, grander, superber thing we know and instinctively feel we ought to be beats so mightily so persistently beneath the little dwarfed thing we are, that we must uncover it, we must develop it, we must use it. No human being can be satisfied while he is haunted by that other part of the divine pattern, the part which was shown to him in the mount of his highest moment. The part of ourselves we have discovered is a prophecy of an infinitely larger and more magnificent whole, and we must find it. This is the great object of our existence. We are here to find the rest of the pattern of the divine man.

Dr. Orison Swett Marden (1848–1924) was an American inspirational author who wrote about achieving success in life and founded SUCCESS magazine in 1897.

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