Philosophical Gadfly (Terence McKenna) [FULL]


In this recording of a small 1984 gathering in Northern California, Terence McKenna holds forth on ayahuasca, his research in the Amazon, and the amanita muscaria mushroom. As is often the case, this workshop was shaped mainly by questions from the participants, which brought about this interesting quotation: “You must be aware that I have other wrinkles, the extraterrestrial angle, the end of history angle, several different things, but all of these things were inspired by our belief that these Amazon peoples have a technology for exploring the modalities of the unconscious that is centuries ahead of us.” And his 1984 take on death is also notable: “I imagine death to be a kind of release into the imagination.”

“We are creatures of information and the imagination. The monkey we are already beginning to transform and shed. We don’t look like the other monkeys, and we look less like them all the time.”

“Humanness may not even be a monkey quality. It may be something that was synergized in the monkeys but that has an inner life of its own.”

“So we have become a toxic force in planetary biology. We feel it, and the planet feels it.”

“Our imagination is really the sail of the soul, and the question is, where will that sail take us if we will but let it?”

“That’s why we are so riddled with apocalyptic mythology, because we really do have a prescience about what is going to happen to us. We really do sense at a very deep level that the linear extrapolation of our historical and cultural tenancies does not give a true picture of the future. That the major factor which will shape the future is uncertainty.”

Quality is not so great on this one but it’s survived, been digitized and free to listen to on internets. Thank you Lorenzo.
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