Psilocybin And The Sands Of Time (Terence McKenna) [FULL] ~ Improved Audio


Esalen, December 1982

Our ability to destroy ourselves is the mirror image of our ability to save ourselves, and what is lacking is the clear vision of what should be done… What needs to be done is that fundamental, ontological conceptions of reality need to be redone. We need a new language, and to have a new language we must have a new reality… A new reality will generate a new language, a new language will fix a new reality, and make it part of this reality.
I believe that liberation, or let’s even say, decency as a human quality, is an actual resonance and anticipation of this future perfected state of humanity. We can will the perfect future into being by becoming microcosms of the perfect future, and no longer casting blame outward on institutions or hierarchies of responsibility and control, but by realizing the opportunities here, the responsibilities here, and the two may never be congruent again, and the salvation of your immortal soul may depend on what you do with the opportunity.
Orient yourself towards the psychedelic experience, towards the psychedelic phenomenon, as a source of information. A mirror image of the psychedelic experience in hardware are computer networks. Computer networks, paradoxically enough, are a deeply feminizing influence on society, where, in hardware, the unconscious is actually being created. It’s as though we took the Platonic bon mot about how “if God did not exist, Man would invent him”, and say “if the uncounscious does not exist, humanity will invent it” — in the form of these vast networks able to transfer and transform information. This is in fact what we are caught up in, is a transforming of information. We have not physically changed in the last 40,000 years; the human type was established at the end of the last glaciation. But change, which was previously operable in the biological realm, is now operable in the realm of culture.
Because too much we have lived in the light of the idea that your ideology will be dictated to you essentially by geography! And if you’re born in India, you’ll find out that the Cosmos is one way; if you’re born in Brooklyn, you find out it’s another way. What we need to do is transcend these localized grids of fate, which make us what we are but don’t want to be.

Art: Roland Tamayo – Port
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