Reality Transurfing – Becoming Lucky

Being lucky or unlucky is not fixed and not fated, it is something you can choose. And it is easier than you think! In this video I’ll tell you how you can become luckier right now using the principles of reality transurfing. Full transcript below…

would you like to have more joy and more luck, more happiness in your life? do you think that some people are just fated to be lucky? and others are fated to be unlucky? and it is kind of fixed, and you can’t change it? well, if you think so, if you think it is fixed… then you need to watch this video! because I will explain to you today that nothing is fixed, you can change everything. if you are unlucky right now, you can truly create more luck in your life, and it’s actually a lot easier than you think.

so welcome to today’s video! thank you very much for joining me this time, my name is Pola and on this channel I create videos dedicated to raising your self-awareness and shifting your mindset in order to create a better life for you.

and this concept of luck I will be explaining using the principles of reality transurfing, which is a very powerful technique created by a physicist in Russia named Vadim Zealand. it is a very old technique. he wrote a bunch of books about it and he wrote them like 10 years ago. it’s not new, so luck is also not new. you can create luck in your life, it’s very easy, and the first thing… if you want to do this, the first thing you need to do is you need to stop reading all the bad new. a lot of us start our mornings by reading the newspaper, or listening to the radio, or watching the television, or maybe reading the news on the laptop, you know, it’s really the worst way you can start your morning. what kind of start is that? you wake up… you haven’t even had coffee yet, and now you are reading about some explosions that are happening on the other side of the world. why do you do this? why do you even care? it’s not like you have any kind of family or any kind of friends that are living in that country. we don’t have to do this. when you are reading all the bad things, all the bad news, everything that goes wrong in the world… you will attract more and more of that into your life. and I can tell you this… I have not been reading the news for maybe five years. or even more. and I am not feeling like I have missed out on anything. really, I have not missed out on anything. I notice that when something happens that does have an effect on you, and on your life… you will find out about it anyway. you will either find out by yourself, or your family members will tell you, your friends will tell you. you will find out about it eventually. you don’t have to be reading the news every morning, this is the worst way to start your day. and if you just stop doing this… you will have more luck, I can guarantee you that. because what you allow into your life, is what will be. if you let into the bad news, then you will attract more negativity. and more things that are going wrong.

so the second thing is… whenever something goes right, whenever something goes exactly like you wanted, or maybe not even exactly but just something good happens, something good, don’t take it for granted. I have noticed that a lot of people… and this was me as well several years ago. when something goes right… we don’t even notice it. we just take it for granted. we don’t pay any attention to it. and then when something goes wrong, we really think about this for days, for weeks, sometimes for months, we can’t let it. go we just concentrate so much on it. so whenever something goes right, notice it. really pause and take a mental note that yes, this is very good, and by doing this, by concentrating on the joy in your life, on the peace, on the love in your life, you will attract more and more of that.

now, the third thing that I have to note here is… you know, a lot of us have this scenario, have this plan about how things need to be, how things need to work. I know it is very difficult to let go of the scenario that you have for your life, of the plan that you have for your life, it’s not easy to do, but I’m gonna try to ask you… to expand your mind a little bit. and not be so fixated. and really stop treating everything like it needs to be this way.

I’m going to use an example of an airplane. for instance, you missed your flight. you missed your flight and most people when they miss the flight they’re going to be upset, very sad, very frustrated, why does this happen to me, you know… but why? why is it so important that you catch this flight? how can you be sure that this flight will not crash in an ocean? and everyone will die? how can you be so sure? you can’t! you can’t. and even if the plane does not crash, what if the next one that are going to catch in five hours from now, what if on the next flight you will sit next to the love of your life!

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