Reality Transurfing – Dealing With Pendulums

Reality transurfing is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to change your life, and pendulums are an important aspect of it. What are those pendulums, how can we deal with them and transcend them? In this video I’m sharing my insight, full transcript below…

in this video I’m going to be talking to you about pendulums in reality transurfing and ways that you can transcend these pendulums in order to increase the quality of your life. welcome back to another video! thank you very much for joining me this time, my name is Pola and on this channel I create videos that will help you shift your mindset, increase your self-awareness, change your self-image, and really just transform your life, make your life a little bit better. today I’m going to be talking about pendulums, I noticed this question being asked very often on reddit or on Facebook groups dedicated to reality transurfing. people seem to have a little understanding of pendulums, and they don’t know how to transcend them, and you know the best explanation that I have kind of found for myself, what is a pendulum… it’s really as simple as the collective unconsciousness. pendulum is kind of a tricky word, but really think of it as this… whenever a person, a large group of people are thinking about something, are directing their energy towards something… a pendulum arises. and this energy, these thoughts, they don’t have to be good, they don’t have to be bad, it’s just any kind of thoughts that they have, whenever you love something very much, or you hate something very much, you are still dedicating all this energy towards this thing, and then this pendulum can arise.

and pendulums are really all around us. some have been dead, like you know there have been major world religions that are not so popular right now, they’re kind of dead because at some point a lot of people were interested in them, a lot of people were practicing them, but then something changed, people lost interest, and this religion died out. but there are also still religions right now that are still quite popular, like Christianity or Hinduism or Islam. those pendulums are still really powerful to this day. and there are other powerful pendulums like politics. Republicans versus Democrats, you know it doesn’t matter if you are a supporter, if you are a Republican or not, whether you love it, whether you hate that, you are still directing your energy towards it. and this pendulum of Republican politics gets stronger. and there are pendulums that are less powerful, but are still quite powerful like your favorite athletes, your favorite football team or hockey team, or maybe a rock band, a pop musician… all of these things are pendulums. whenever a large group of people dedicates their energy towards it, a pendulum exists.

so how can you transcend them? how can you stop the negative pendulums that are ruining your life? how can you stop them from ruining it even further? the first thing you need to do is… you need to become aware of them. aware that those are the pendulums exist, that they are a part of life. you cannot really shelter yourself from them. you cannot avoid them completely, it’s not gonna happen, unless you become a hermit and you go live in a cave somewhere. but you probably aren’t gonna do it, right? so they exist, they’re a part of life, you need to be aware of them.

now, whenever you have really strong feelings, strong emotions towards something, towards this thing that is ruining your life, you need to understand… those thoughts, they’re not really yours. those feelings, emotions… it’s really up to you whether you want to feel it or you don’t want to feel it. because any thoughts that you have are kind of coming to you from the outside. they are coming to you from this collective unconscious. they’re coming to you from these pendulums. and you need to be aware of it. now, once you have this awareness… please, please don’t try to avoid the pendulum. please, don’t try to avoid anything. because if you are actively trying to avoid it… you are actually still transmitting your energy towards it. and you are actually making things a lot worse. so don’t try to avoid it, don’t try to shelter yourself, don’t try to just sit in the corner and not deal with any kind of negativity in life, you still have to face it.

but when it happens, simply ignore it. and it will be difficult at first. at first when you start doing it, you will notice that you are still reacting to everything, you can’t help it. but the more you are aware, and the more you try to ignore it, and to kind of break this pattern, the more it will be in your subconscious mind…

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