Reality Transurfing – Decluttering Your World

Decluttering your world and getting rid of all the external and internal noncense is an extremely powerful way to start 2019. Whether you’re using reality transurfing or not, if you declutter in January you will set yourself up for a prosperous and uplifting year.

So there are two levels: the external and the internal one. The external are all the material things you don’t need. Old clothes, decorations that are gathering dust and don’t hold much sentimental value, old and broken technologies. Stop putting it into your basement, just put them in the trash.

The internal level is more complex. What matters here mostly are your thoughts, feelings, emotions. If you hold grudges, are resentful and judgemental, have worry, fear, doubt, anxiety, bad expectations, dark outlook on life, guilt or inferiority complex, among others… Those emotions will never allow you to fully grow and prosper. Most people aren’t even aware of them. So the first thing you need to do is raise your awareness. How? Try meditation. Then just let it go.

The second thing when it comes to internal decluttering is what you consume. Or better yet, what you don’t consume. What you don’t do. Food, drinks, prople, content. All of it falls into this category. Alcohol you don’t drink and negative friends you don’t see matter more than what you do do.

Share your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned for part two, where I will share how you can actually let go of the negative feelings and beliefs.

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