Terence McKenna ~ Anarchy Is The Ideal ~ December, 1989

Artwork by Aaron Johnson from the animation – Info Whores (Terence McKenna Vs Alex Jones)



Psychedelic Salon Podcast 514 – “Anarchy Is The Ideal”


“Democracy is this innate belief in people. It’s a psychedelic way of doing it. It’s the closest we can get to anarchy. Anarchy to my mind is, of course, the ideal. But anarchy has to be mediated with policy, and the way you do that is through democracy.”

“The Earth is in far worse shape than we think.”

“This notion of intensifying change by changing behavior through psychedelics is, as far as I can see, the only way out.”

“The most dangerous habits in the world today are not drug habits. They’re idealogical habits, unexamined ways of thinking about reality.”

“Besides the monotheistic thing, the really odd thing about Western religion is the persistent idea that god will come tangential to history.”

“People think psychedelic consciousness is a permission to escapism. I don’t think so. I think it’s an invitation to a high degree of awareness.”
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