Terence Mckenna – Culture Betrays Your Unique Nature, Uniformitarianism, Dissolving Cultural Systems

” The cultural game is a game of uniformitarianism, cultural myths are that we are all alike. We Americans each created equal, I mean if you can believe that at an operational level then I have some bridges I would like to sell you. It is a necessary truth to do political business, but it is not the truth. the truth is that you are not created equal with yourself from day to day, leave alone any comparison with anybody else, you are not the person you were yesterday, nor the person you will be next week. What does an observation like that, what shadow it casts in a world of all people are created equal? These are clashes of operation systems, there is an axiom in one, all created equal, and an axiom in another each divergent. These things can’t be parsed, they can’t be brought together. ” — TM —

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