Terence McKenna – Gender Talk Interview – 15 July 1998


Terence Interviewed on Gender Talk 162: July 15, 1998

Good short interview this one, where he highlights that taking large doses is not for everyone. In the west we’ve lost the context for many people to take these plants responsibly and they are not best served for recreational use.
I wish the recent spat of haters would hear this one but they obviously have never listened to any of these talks in the first place.

We all know someone who has lost the plot on these substances. Rather than blame the substance, understand that some people’s minds are fragile and can’t take the shock. Likewise some people’s minds can’t take certain radical ideas like libertarian socialism, equality, being fair to people or just being a decent human being who respects other people’s right to choose.


Full show here: www.archive.org/details/gt162
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