Terence McKenna – New & Old Maps Of Hyperspace – November 1982


The earliest Terence lecture to come to light so far (November 1982) we hear him describe what took place during what he calls ‘The Experiment at La Chorrera’ as “Very loose science of very tight magic”

Thanks to Lorenzo for posting this at the Psychedelic Salon today…


The above link has a link to the podcast and Dennis’ Kickstarter page where it’s not too late to help realise ‘The Brotherhood Of The Screaming Abyss’ project.

Note: Lorenzo has named this lecture ‘Exploring The Abyss’ For the purpose of this archive i have kept the original tape name ‘New & Old Maps Of Hyperspace.

“My assumption whenever I am confronted with opposites is to try to unify them, to create a coincidentia oppositorum as was done in alchemy, to not force the system to closure but to try and leave the system open enough so that the differences can resonate and become complimentary rather than antithetical.”

“Shamanism, on the other hand [as compared with science], is this world wide, since Paleolithic times, tradition which says that you must make your own experience the centerpiece of any model of the world that you build. No amount of readings from meters, whether they’re metering cyclotrons or any other kind of instrument, are going to satisfy you.”

“What psilocybin focuses as a problem that these other hallucinogens do not is that it allows a dialogue with the other that is full of give and take. In other words there are entities in the hallucinogenic world that psilocybin, and DMT, and a few other not well-known or widely distributed plants, hallucinogens, induce.”

“Our alienation from ourselves has caused us to set up a number of straw men that are keeping us from building actually a mature model of how the universe really works. The content of the dialogue with the Other is a content that indicates that man’s horizons are infinitely bright.”

“Technology is the real skin of our species.”

Fractal by: Lenora Clark
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