Terence Mckenna – Psychedelics and Appreciation For Being And Existence

This talk was given on September 1999 Alchemical Arts Conference at the hotel in Hawaii near Terence’s home. everyone here knew that Terence was dying of an incurable brain tumour so it was an emotional time for Terence and everyone else.

The second part of this talk is an answer to the question that was for Tom Robbins and Terence McKenna. The question was that if they did any writing under influence of psychedelics. unfortunately the quality is quite bad and there is not much to be done about it.

Once again I have to give special thanks to Lorenzo Hagerty for collecting most of these talks.

”Part of what has made the progress difficult is virgining populations and abusing of ideology , so that the people are not invited to live simple aquarium lives and devotion to their children and their mistakes , but instead they are invited to fetishize, consume , believe , join , buy , own , invest , all of these things bleed energy away and disempower, and make people not fully human , but rather participating cause in somewhat larger mechanism which serves its own end , the accumulation of capital investment, the acquisition of land , propagation of the agenda of some political party or something like that. ” — TM —

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