Terence McKenna & Riane Eisler ~ Man & Woman At The End Of History (1988)


Terence McKenna & Riane Tennenhaus Eisler
Man And Woman At The End Of History. Ojai CA, Mill Valley CA. (1988)

This seminar examined how one of the most fundamental human relationships, that between male and female, shapes our relationship to technology and ultimately to culture and nature. We looked at the forms of relationship between women and men in the shift from a society based on domination to one based on partnership. This is an exploration of how feminism, technology and the telling of a new story will contribute to rescuing us from history. Riane Eisler is best known for her scholarily authoring of her formidable book, “Chalice and the Blade.”

Note: This recording comes from a serialization on Roy of Hollywood’s show on KPFK. It ends with Terence cut short mid sentence.

Art: Alex Grey ~ New Man New Woman (1984)
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