Terence McKenna @The Cyberdome (1991) ~ With Live German Translation

The Pyromania Arts Foundation

A short presentation on “Cyber Culture” by the American shamanism expert and psychedelic visionary Terence McKenna – under the CYBER DOME party,
Stuttgart, Germany
Autumn 1991.

The first psychedelic trance party in Europe, on the guests’ cyberspace module (Phillip Morris), and stood Brain Machines Company Braintech available, it was realized by Michael Weber and Boris Hiesserer, with support from DJ Magic Electric Station Rose (Public Brain Session ), Terence McKenna and the Pyromania Arts Foundation.

For the first time in Europe the guests at a dance party were enabled to use cyberspace modules with glasses, gloves and helmet.

In honor of Michael Weber (rip) and the translator Micky Remann.

Re-uploaded here with the kind permission of Eden123 (aka Boris Hie├čerer)…

If you want more Mckenna, Tim Leary, Albert Hofmann, Genesis P-Orridge, Rupert Sheldrake, definitely go subscribe and have a look through the video catalog. There are treasures there spanning 25 years of The Pyromania Arts Foundation, pointing their camera and providing a window onto the German psychedelic community.
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