Terence McKenna – The Definitive UFO Tape


The Definitive UFO Tape, December 1982

The first question to Terence refers to the “two” books he had written at that point and he answers by saying that he kept most of his UFO ideas out of The Invisible Landscape. Then he refers to what he calls “the second work, titled, Psilocybin & the UFOs.”

“In psilocybin and the tryptamine hallucinogens generally we actually have a state of mind that is very similar to the state of mind reported to accompany the UFO contact, and that these things could somehow be co-mapped, one onto the other”

“Involvement with these tryptamines as they accumulated in your system, you seem to acquire the ability to inhabit more than one world at once, as though superimposed over reality there was a super-reality, a hyper dimensional world where information was accessible in magical ways.”

“History is just this froth of artifact production that has appeared in the last ten to fifteen thousand years. It spread across the planet very quickly. But that mind in man just goes back and back into the darkness.”

“The extraterrestrial is the human over soul in its general and particulate expression on the planet. . . . The over soul is some kind of field that is generated by human beings, but that is not under the control of any institution, any government, and religion. It is actually the most intelligent thing on the planet, and it regulates human culture through the release of ideas out of eternity and into the continuum of history.”

“The myths that are building are like the Messianic myths that preceded the appearance of Christ.”

“What is unusual about Earth is that language, literally, has become alive. It has infested matter. It is replicating and defining and building itself. And it is in us.””

“What it comes down to is trying to have faith that man is good, because what’s happening is that whatever man is, man is taking control of the definition of being human.”

“Man is going to become a mirror of his deepest aspirations, and the question then becomes, “What are man’s deepest aspirations?'”

“Death is both a historical and individual phenomenon about which we as monkeys have great anxiety. But what the psychedelic experience seems to be pointing out is that actually the reductionist view of death has missed the point, and that there is something more. It isn’t simple extinction. That the universe does not build up such complex forms as ourselves without conserving them in some astonishing and surprising way that is perhaps related some way to the intuitions that we have from the psychedelic experience.”

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