Terence McKenna – The Gnostic Astronaut – June 1984

This talk has been posted before as “How Evolution Occurs”
when it orginally aired on the Psychedelic Salon

Podcast 282 – “How Evolution Occurs”

It featured again recently on

Podcast 396 – “A Freely Evolving Topology of Light & Sound”

It appears to be a talk Terence gave at the Shared Visions Bookstore, Berkeley CA. Called “The Gnostic Astronaut” in June 1984.

Some of you will have heard this presentation before but it’s well worth another outing and cataloging here under the original Lux Natura cassette title.

A slightly extended cut can be found on this channel, here…

Terence McKenna Pin by TheMindCradle Ltd. Edition of 333
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