Terence McKenna – The Syntax Of Psychedelic Time – July 1983


Terence McKenna, speaking in Berkeley, California in July of 1983.

Terence McKenna talks about the I Ching, his Timewave Zero hypothesis, and other esoteric concepts in what he calls a “think-along lecture”

“I think that the old evolutionary model, which was that evolution was the struggle of the fittest, and the devil take the hindmost, is pretty much discredited. And we now understand that what is maximized in evolution is not the sharpness of the fang or the length of the claw, but the ability to cooperate with other species, harmoniously. That’s what’s being maximized. … Humans are a perverse lot, and I suppose what one can reasonably hope for is incremental advances toward the good.”


Art: Myztico – Awakenings
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