Terence McKenna – Toward The End Of History – Interview – 10th July 1996


Terence is the author of five books & the famous software program “TimeWave”. Based upon the mathematics underlying the ancient Chinese oracle The I Ching, he discussed this unique time in human history and discusses “The Big Picture”. McKenna’s contributions to science include the theory that psychedelic mushrooms spurred humans to develop consciousness and language; and the “Timewave” theory, described by chaos pioneer Ralph Abraham as “the first model for history that significantly transcends that of the ancients.” Learn About: • Art, Novelty, the Internet, Time & the Future as Terence & his software see it. • Implications for us during the “first-time-ever” period of extraordinary novelty as we enter the 21st century. • How we can align with “The Transcendent Object at the End of Time”

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