The Hoasca Project (Dennis McKenna) [FULL]


The Ayahuasca (Hoasca) Project:
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The scarcity of hard data on the biodynamics of the long-term consumption of consciousness-altering plants has hindered scientific discussion on the subject, and has also allowed opponents of sacramental plant use to continue their demonizing of such plants while remaining largely unchallenged. Through the efforts of Dennis McKenna and a dedicated, multidisciplinary team of scientists that information void may eventually be replaced by an abundance of conclusive data. Following rigorous scientific methods, the Hoasca Project is conducting an ongoing, double-blind study of members of a Brazilian church who regularly ingest an ayahuasca potion as their sacrament. The participants constitute a typical cross-section of mostly middle-class Brazilian society, citizens in good community standing who are proud to take part in such an unprecedented study. The importance of this project to science cannot be overstated, and this report provides a comprehensive overview of the work in progress.

Art: Pablo Amaringo

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