The Invisible Landscape: Peer Review (Terence McKenna) [FULL]


Terence McKenna: The Invisible Landscape (Peer Review) 1985

Mayan Conference
At the Ojai Foundation
Ojai, California
Sunday 14th April 1985

A talk about The Invisible Landscape under the famous Ojai Teaching Tree which covers his work on the I Ching (King Wen sequence) that led to the Novelty Theory and the TimeWave Zero idea and computer software. Terence also mentions the Mayan calender and in the afternoon talk he displays his Timewave Zero software on screen via a computer system. Most of the late afternoon talk, about two hours worth, centers around four main themes – Psychedelics, Cybernetics, Space & Feminism. Not too much of the latter owing to the presence of some strong women but he gives it a swirl of sorts.

About a third of the way through the morning session they have a ‘peer review’,
a kind of turbo charged Question & Answer session, by various people who are listening to this talk. They include Kat McKenna, Ralph Abraham, Joan Halifax, Francis Huxley, Barbara Smith and others. Some children were also present.

The time table of the day was:
Morning talk followed by Q&A then lunch
Afternoon talks followed by Q&A
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