The Only Permanent Thing In Life… Is Impermanence.

The only permanent thing in life is Impermanence. The essense of life is change, it’s a flux. Seasons change. People change. You change. Galaxies are born and are dead each day. Planets arise and dissolve. This is the only constant thing, the only permanent is Impermanence.

People find it depressing. No refuge in anything. Everything changes. You’ve been attached to your house and now it’s old, it’s not good for living anymore, it is being destroyed. Your loved ones move away. Your friends find new friends. No security, no reliability, anywhere.

To me it is not depressing. It is beautiful.
When you realise the impermanent nature of reality you become better. You learn to detach. You learn to live each day fully, treat everyone good, forgive faster, let go quicker, achieve more.

You understand that when you let go, it comes to you. When you detach, you’re free. From everything. Including yourself.

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