THE PROBLEMS OF PHILOSOPHY by Bertrand Russell – FULL AudioBook | GreatestAudioBooks V2

THE PROBLEMS OF PHILOSOPHY by Bertrand Russell – FULL AudioBook | GreatestAudioBooks V2 – This 1912 book remains among the most widely-used and well-written introductions to philosophy in English. It was aimed to be an accessible introduction to philosophy for the average shopkeeper in England in 1912. Despite its accessibility It has engaged scholarly philosophical commentators on a range of issues raised in the work. Above all it conveys in easy and witty manner the philosophical frame of mind to those that have never encountered it before. It was almost immediately, and remains today, a classic. This recording is dedicated to Jill Evans, Esq. (Landon D. C. Elkind)


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Chapter listing and length:

01 Appearance and Reality – 00:21:38

02 The Existence of Matter – 00:20:44

03 The Nature of Matter – 00:20:09

04 Idealism – 00:18:28

05 Knowledge by Acquaintance and Knowledge by Description – 00:27:53

06 On Induction – 00:20:15

07 On Our Knowledge of General Principles – 00:23:49

08 How A Priori Knowledge is Possible – 00:19:36

09 The World of Universals – 00:21:15

10 On Our Knowledge of Universals – 00:21:05

11 On Intuitive Knowledge – 00:15:38

12 Truth and Falsehood – 00:22:57

13 Knowledge, Error, and Probable Opinion – 00:20:05

14 The Limits of Philosophical Knowledge – 00:22:07

15 The Value of Philosophy – 00:17:20

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