The Real Meaning Behind Your Birth

Did you ever wonder why you are here? Why were you born? What’s the point of it all?

Your birth was not an accident and it did not just happen. You chose to be here, you chose your family, your country, your time of birth.

Why? Because you thought that those conditions are best for your growth. Your evolution.

You see, this is why you are here. As part of the larger system, you want to evolve. Because with your evolution, the higher system evolves also.

And the goal of any system is to evolve. To decrease chaos, and to increase order. This is what systems do, and you – as part of it – are also here to do exactly that.

Go from chaos towards order.

How? By raising your vibrational frequency. By letting go of the lower energies like fear, judgement, doubt, aggression. And going towards love, enlightenment, order. This is the meaning behind it all.

You really do matter. By evolving yourself you are evolving the whole universe. And this is the best use of your time.

I hope to inspire you with this video to realise that you DO matter. You’re not insignificant. Most of you are doing a lot of work on yourself, so give yourself a pat on the back:) And don’t forget to tell yourself each day how good you’re doing, that you’re on track, that you’re doing the right things. It does matter.

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Thank you all for watching and have an awesome Monday! Pola.

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