Time The Familiar Stranger

Time allows us to live in the moment, reflect on the past, plan for the future. It’s our most familiar, precious, yet mysterious commodity. Celebrated author and neurologist Oliver Sacks and psychologist Daniel Gilbert draw on converging insights from physical, biological and neurological perspectives to reflect on this most vital factor shaping the human experience.

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Original Program Date: June 13, 2009
MODERATOR: Harold Evans
PARTICIPANTS: Daniel Gilbert, Oliver Sacks, Warren Meck

Participant Introductions. 00:00

Can you freeze time? 03:35

What does L-DOPA do in the brain? 10:08

Building the future from the cognitions of the past. 14:40

Do people experience time different? 23:28

Has time changed since Darwin? 31:28

Take the Macht test. 34:33

How people perceive time that is about to happen. 42:58

What is temporal discounting? 51:50

The imagination of time. 55:47

The eternal now. Prolonging blissful time. 01:01:40

Alzheimer’s and time. 01:04:16
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