Timewave Zero: A Terence McKenna Special – Mixed by Dean Feeney


Basically this is inspired by a radio show recorded in 1997 which features Terence McKenna being interviewed by Art Bell on Coast to Coast am. They discuss Terence’s views on time, psychedelia and volcanoes. I have been obsessed with this recording for a number of years now and upon receiving John Roberts’ Glass Eights lp recently I decided to record a mix whilst listening to the interview. The idea here was to focus on the interview as the centre piece and just mix records on the fly, allowing a sort of unconscious flow dictated by listening to the interview..
~ Dean Feeney

Timewave zero — A Terence McKenna special

John Roberts — August (Dial)
Arne Weinberg — The World Keeps On Spinning (11th Hour)
Rhythim is Rhythim — Kao-Tic Harmony (Transmat)
Carl Craig — Twilight (Planet E)
Disco nihilist — Untitled (B1 from LWYF 01)
John Roberts — Glass Eights (Dial)
Fridge — Anglepoised (Output)
Omar S — Night (FXHE)
JuJu & Jordash — Deep Blue Meanies (Dekmantel)

Found at: infinitestatemachine.com/2011/06/13/guest-mix-dean-feeney-tr-one/
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