Trialogue #10: The Unconscious (Terence McKenna, R. Sheldrake, R. Abraham) [FULL]


Trialogue #10: The Unconcious

Esalen, Big Sur, California 1989 – 1990

What is the nature of the unconscious, and how can we access its restorative powers? Bifurcation theory of the unconscious. Evil and the repression of chaos. Escape from evil by bringing the unconscious back. The idea of the sacred city. From psychedelic partnership phase to restrictive dominator phase. Alcohol and cultural neurosis. The age-related reestablishment of shamanic sacraments. Habituation and the unconscious. The calendar as an engine for illuminating the unconscious, through rituals and festivals. The unavailable unconscious and the maintenance of consciousness. Christmas as a child’s festival. Caffeine and industrial capitalism.

Sacred plants and calendar-based rituals. Sacred sites and celestial communication. Invocation, psychedelic visions and the consciousness of the natural world. The role of dominator drugs. Denial and its dangers for our evolution. Sacred festivals. The difficulty of accessing the restorative powers of the unavailable unconscious. Lightening the dark through prayer, astrology and a resurrection of magic. The Gaian unconscious..

Included in Chaos, Creativity and Cosmic Consciousness first published as Trialogues at the Edge of the West

Art: Martina Hoffmann ‘The Muse Of Conscious Awakening’

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