Trialogue #11: The Resacrilisation Of The World (Terence McKenna, R. Sheldrake, R. Abraham) [FULL]


Trialogue #11: The Resacrilisation of the World

Esalen, Big Sur, California 1989 – 1990

In what ways can we bring the sacred back into the world? Ralph’s religious background. Loss of connection to the sacred as a root cause of world problems. Resumption of rituals. Resacralization of music. The aesthetics of the world soul. Feminism, the revival of partnership society and a reinvigorated psychedelic priesthood. Revival of Gothic cathedral-building. Festivals and the sacralization of space and time. The ‘greening of God’. The global consequences of the shift in the sense ratio. The ‘Archaic Revival’ and resacralization by religion.

The unifying flag of Gaia. A true Gaian religion. Revulsion at religion and scientism. Psychedelicizing and sacralizing green politics. The timescale problem. A green order associated with every religion. Connection with sacred places. The sacralization of science. Ritualized mushroom cults, and the mushroom as the Ur-symbiont of humanity. The will to make our own position relevant to the encroaching crisis. The forces in opposition to the resacralization programme. The revival of pilgrimage and a sense of sacred time. A possible nucleation event.

Art: Alex Grey ‘Gaia’

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