Trialogue #14: Grass Roots Science (Terence McKenna, R. Sheldrake, R. Abraham) [FULL]


Trialogue #14: Grass Roots Science

Esalen, California, September 1991.

The institutionalisation of mainstream science has alienated the public and marginalised the amateur base of science. A new model for science is both possible and necessary. The need for big science to reintegrate with grassroots science. Examples of important low budget amateur research projects. How the computer revolution and the formulation of specific questions could empower grassroots science. Global environmental problems are likely to provide the main motivation for the revival of grassroots science. Rescuing science from the distorting demands of capitalism. The benefits of combining holistic and analytical research. A grassroots research project on holistic medicine.

Re-distributing the budget in science. How to motivate and fund more amateur research projects. How grassroots science could contribute towards the solution of global environmental problems. The grassroots component in archaeology; paleontology; astrology; nutritional studies and consciousness research. Large-scale projects can be influenced enormously by the discoveries of grassroots science. The benefits of taking a holistic approach to the whole field of knowledge. The importance of posing appropriate questions to researchers. Low budget experiments that could change the world. Encouraging amateur scientists through a revitalized scientific education.

Art: M.C. Esher ‘Metamorphosis ll’ (detail) 1938 – 1940

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