Trialogue #15: Saving The World (Terence McKenna, R. Sheldrake, R. Abraham) [FULL]


Trialogue #15: Saving the World

Esalen, California, 1991

What can be done to solve the problem of over-population and resource depletion? Could encouraging a population policy save the world without disregarding individual concerns? How do you provoke a shift in consciousness that would result in people wanting less children? Resource depletion in high-tech societies. The prejudice against only children. How could such a plan be implemented? A new way to empower women. Exploring the potential positive and negative effects of achieving zero population growth on a planetary scale.

Further speculations on the impact of population policies. How a capsule that enables gender choice of offspring could make population growth plummet. Saving resources by moving people to different locations. Curbing resource depletion and overpopulation. Grassroots research projects on family dynamics. The liberation of women. Reforming people’s attitudes through family dynamics models. The role that social sciences, mathematics and myth could play in saving the world. A demographic modelling disc. Family numerology. A positive re-evaluation of the only child. A sociological research programme.

Art: NASA ‘Space Junk’

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