Trialogue #17: Cannabis Trialogue (Terence McKenna, R. Sheldrake, R. Abraham) [FULL]


Trialogue #17: Cannabis

Esalen, California, 1991

Terence’s interest in cannabis. The feminising and boundary-dissolving influence of cannabis. Cannabis intoxication and dreams. Cannabis and anxiety. Victorian tales of cannabis. The influence of hashish on India and the Middle East. Cannabis as the carrier of a new set of values. A tool for creativity and the enhancement of empathy and communication. A medicine for cultural evolution? The difference between smoking and eating cannabis. How hemp is related to stories. An aid to the appreciation of sacred places. The impact of abstinence on peak performance. Cannabis as an aid for concentration and connectivity.

The shadow side of cannabis. The dangers of habitual usage. Cannabis and energy levels. The chemistry of cannabis. The impact of cannabis on memory and language. Aphrodisiac effects. Cannabis versus alcohol. Why is it illegal? Early use of cannabis. The drug war. Researching the different qualities and various forms of cannabis. Age-related experimentation. Decriminalisation versus legalisation. The impact of legal restraints on the attraction for illegal substances. Hemp. Is the right to the exploration of consciousness a part of the pursuit of human freedom and happiness?

Illustration: Female Hemp Plant

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