Trialogue #19: Psychedelics & The Computer Revolution (Terence McKenna, Sheldrake, Abraham) [FULL]


Trialogue #19: Psychedics and the Computer Revolution

Esalen, California, 1991

What are the connections between psychedelics and the computer revolution? Some examples of the causal relationship between psychedelic use and creativity in the computer industry. A look at the parallel chronologies and future synthesis of computers and psychedelics. Creativity as a natural resource. Electronic media is returning us to an eye-oriented culture and causing the re-emergence of the suppressed unconscious. This reawakening of the collective and visual imagination is part of an archaic revival. The world of dreams as the prototype for this process. Print versus manuscript culture. Interactivity will be a key factor in the future of electronic media. Opening up the mathematical imagination through computer-graphics. Uploading the unconscious into a cultural artefact.

Psychedelics and the creative process. The future of the computer revolution. How the communication of visual mathematical revelation is enhanced by psychedelics. Understanding visual mathematics. The connection between mathematical visualization and the perception of ordinary reality. Is the mathematical landscape a realm of truth or a neurological construct? Exploring the mathematical landscape. The co-evolution between mathematical discovery and the neurological structures within the mind. How can mathematics help us in our understanding of the world?

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