Trialogue #29: What Hawaii Says About Evolution (Terence McKenna, R. Sheldrake, R. Abraham) [FULL]


Trialogue #29: What Hawaii Says About Evolution

Trialogue: A cassette tape recording made by Ralph Abraham during a private trialogue between Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake, and himself. It was recorded sometime in 1994 on the Big Island in Hawaii, most likely at Terence McKenna’s home there. Their conversation about evolution includes an interesting comparision between the island of Hawaii and the island in space called planet Earth.

“I think what life on islands brings home to us is that Earth itself is an island.”

“I think the technological principle on which the next century [21st] will operate is a mimicking of nature, solid-state, micro-miniaturized, solar-based, no moving parts, and so forth.”

“Any theory which has us gathering together in large crowds to chant should look back at the Third Reich before it proceeds too far with its agenda.”

“America is a cultural bulldozer. It just tramples and destroys everything in its path.”

Picture: Punaluu, Hawaii

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