Trialogue #7: Chaos & Imagination (Terence McKenna, R. Sheldrake, R. Abraham) [FULL]


Trialogue #7: Chaos and the Imagination

Esalen, Big Sur, California 1989 – 1991

How can chaos theory and full access to the imagination aid us in our understanding of the world and in the creation of our future? Chaos in mythology. The repression of chaos, the rise of patriarchy and the fall into history. The chaos revolution. Bringing chaos tangential to the burning planet. Vision plants and shamanism. Our ‘secret history’ and how it relates to the Gaian mind. The creative act as the night sea journey. The living mystery of the imagination. Dominator and partnership culture.

Festivals, a calendrical reform and ‘pharmacological intervention’. Oscillating models of chaos, creativity and the imagination. Eleusis as a great turning point. The Virgin of Guadalupe. The Faustian pact with the physical world. The cultural cul-de-sac of the dominator mode. Restoring partnership values, opening our lives to chaos and the world soul. Chaos as Gaian fury and as a moment of opportunity. A forward escape into technology?

Included in Chaos, Creativity and Cosmic Consciousness first published as Trialogues at the Edge of the West

Art: Jackson Pollock ‘Number. 8’ (1949)

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