Understanding Gimmel with Vernon Neppe

Vernon Neppe, MD, PhD, FRSSAf, is a neuropsychiatrist and head of the Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute in Seattle. Together with Dr Edward Close, he pioneered the new discipline of what they call “Dimensional Biopsychophysics”. He is author, with physicist and mathematician, Edward Close PhD, PE, of Reality Begins with Consciousness: A Paradigm Shift that Works. He is also author of Déjà Vu Revisited, Déjà Vu: A Second Look, Déjà Vu: Glossary and Library, Cry the Beloved Mind: A Voyage of Hope, and Innovative Psychopharmacotherapy. His professional publications number over 700. Dr Neppe has amplified many of his concepts in three of the websites linked with his work. On www.Brainvoyage.com, his books are amplified. www.VernonNeppe.org is his gateway and includes more information on the Neppe-Close model of the Triadic Distinction Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) and some of the key publications are on www.pni.org. Drs. Neppe and Close were awarded the coveted Whiting Memorial Award in 2016 by the ISPE for “expanding boundaries of scientific understanding”

Here he proclaims the existence of a new entity that he calls Gimmel, named for the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Gimmel is massless and energy less third component and represents the equivalent of consciousness or the vehicle for consciousness. He points out that recently Drs Close and Neppe have calculated that their mass-energy-gimmel data with gimmel correspond on protons, neutrons and electrons exactly correspond with the normalized figures found in the Large Hadron Collider proving that their data is empirically based.

New Thinking Allowed host, Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD, is author of The Roots of Consciousness, Psi Development Systems, and The PK Man. Between 1986 and 2002 he hosted and co-produced the original Thinking Allowed public television series. He is also past-president of the non-profit Intuition Network, an organization dedicated to creating a world in which all people are encouraged to cultivate and apply their inner, intuitive abilities.

(Recorded on April 24 and April 29, 2018)

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