Unraveling Death Stranding’s Existentialist Themes | Complete Review

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Video essay on Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, exploring how its gameplay mechanics, multiplayer system and narrative build towards deeper existential themes.

1:12 Prologue: A Cataclysmic Event
4:16 Episode 1: Decoding Death Stranding
8:09 Episode 2: The First Connection
16:31 Episode 3: Strands
21:04 Episode 4: The Subverting Moment
30:30 Episode 5: Death and Grief
36:06 Episode 6: Before the End
41:49 Episode 7: The Mountain
48:03 Episode 8: Sisyphus Smiles
53:41 Epilogue: Survival Entity

Albert Camus – The Myth of Sisyphus: amzn.to/34LtXJx

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Luke Atencio – Long Distance
Luke Atencio – When I Grow Up
Luke Atencio – Young Dreams
Luke Atencio – Frozen Memories
Luke Atencio – Counsel
Luke Atencio – City of Dust
Tangerine – Waiting Darkness
Jacob Montague – Drift
Luke Atencio – Borders
Luke Atencio – Haunting a Ghost
Luke Atencio – I’m Not Ready Yet
Tangerine – What We Thought
Jordan Critz – A Ripple In Time
Max LL – Adagio No. 2
Max LL – Closure
Luke Atencio – Way Through

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