What Does Synchronicity Mean + How You Can Use It :)

Seeing Synchronicity is a sign that you’re more observant, aware, present than the average person. You noticed it once, and this allowed it to enter your layer of reality. The more you notice it, the more it will be in your life, like the snowball effect.

I don’t think there is any inherent meaning in synchronicity, 13 will not bring you bad luck unless you let it.

Everything is your choice. You can decide for yourself that numbers will bring you good luck. That it is a sign that you’re on track. That everything is working out in your favour. When these ideas are living in your subconscious mind, luck will also enter your layer of reality.

So synchronicity can be quite powerful and it will make your life better if you let it.

This is the topic for today’s video, I also share what synchronicity I have in my life and how I use it at the end of the video.

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