Your Life is Not a Hero’s Journey

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Why are stories so purposefully structured whereas our reality is so often messy and chaotic? Why do characters have clear transformative arcs when our identities and personal journeys are so much more complex than that? It’s questions like these, and their implications that will be explored in this new series on stories vs. reality.
In this second episode, I’ll be examining the history of the heroic adventure, and the implications of projecting the hero’s journey on our own lives.

Episode 1: The Fundamental Difference Between Stories and Reality:

Simon Gusman & Arjen Kleinherenbrink – Avonturen Bestaan Niet:
Joseph Campbell – The Hero With A Thousand Faces:
Simone de Beauvoir – The Second Sex:

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Dexter Britain – The Time To Run
Dexter Britain – Trekking By Night
Dexter Britain – The War In My Head
Dexter Britain – The Time To Run (Part 2)
Luke Atencio – Loom
Dexter Britain – Things In My Head
Steven Gutheinz – All Hallows Eve

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